Dear valuable customers and friends of MISK KHUSHBU,

On behalf of my dedicated team at MISK KHUSHBU, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you all for all the love and
support you all have shown to us since our company has started (2013).
Without your trust in us, we would have never gained progress so far. Our dedicated team has worked day & night to develop and produce these exceptional fragrances that you love, ensuring their availability worldwide through our ever expanding network of exclusive sellers.

With MISK KHUSHBU you can be rest assured about products that you have purchased. All MISK KHUSHBU products are
made up of best, superior quality oils & materials. We don’t compromise on quality, 100% quality is maintained. The belief that
true quality speaks for itself, we ensure that every MISK KHUSHBU experience is perfect for you. As taste, demands and
expectations change, we continue to craft stunning new products that will delight and inspire you always.

Our motto is protecting the environment and our customers who we care about. 100% eco-friendly product.
MISK KHUSHBU is proud to offer superior quality products at very affordable prices.
The best part of our products is that it is completely halal. You can use MISK KHUSHBU products during any religion activities
or events.

We thank you again for your support and wish you all the happiness.

Warm regards,
Huzaifa Qutubuddin Hoshangabadwala

Maria Huzaifa Hoshangabadwala
(Managing Director)